PS / response & feedback

this is sort of a post script to my last blog:

i received an email from a long time friend in response to my blog about the upcoming benefit show for the national eating disorder society. in her response, she brought to my attention that the reason why most people develop an eating disorder has more to do with reacting to and coping with experiencing severe trauma and/or abuse.


in my last blog, which i wrote hastily, i just skimmed over this issue and made it out to seem that eating disorders are due to an obsession with looking like a skinny model. i didn’t mean to come off sounding that way at all.  i should have spent more time giving it some real thought, rather than just writing and hitting the “publish” button. i should have been more mindful. i want to apologize to any one who read my last blog and felt offended or mis-represented… if what i wrote made you feel that way, i am so sorry.


in my friend’s letter, she shared with me that she has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and wrote a bit about how that has impacted her life. when she told me that she suffered from PTSD, i was surprised, then saddened and then… comforted, because i too have suffered from it.

i don’t really like to share the true details of my personal life with a lot of people, but my friend reminded me that when we do take that risk and open up, we often are reminded that we are not alone in our struggles and that we all have way more in common than we think.

these kinds of reminders are not only important for everyone, but i believe they are essential. maybe it’s time for you to open up to a friend and really share with them what’s going on in your life?

i’ve known this awesome lady for a long time and i’ve always thought of her as my little sister in way, but we’ve never gone into detail about our personal lives. when she opened up to me about her life, i was really honored and inspired.

i asked my friend for her permission to paste part of her letter to me, because she has a greater understanding of eating disorders than i do. she said some really important things on the topic and got me thinking about everything on a deeper, more real level:

“… When my PTSD acts up, I crave the control again… even though I could not be happier, it just never seems to go away. One bout with the stomach flu and suddenly the addiction you had to that empty feeling comes back.

SO yes, girls do start eating disorders due to body image issues because they see the skinny models and things…

but body image issues that turn into eating disorders are more commonly caused by trauma…abuse, or a stressful life event, or even just a broken heart.

Sorry for the long message… but felt I had to stick up for those of us who do not care what the perfection of beauty is… we are just uncomfortable in our own skin.”

lastly, i wanna say thanks to my sweet friend for taking the time to write and for extending your trust to me.  you make me proud!


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