// upcoming show. benefit for National Eating Disorder Society //

hello hello,

i’ve got a show coming up on feb. 5th as part of KEXP’s Audioasis “Community Partnership Concerts”, and it will be a benefit for the National Eating Disorder Society.

i was really happy to be invited to play this show, as i strongly believe that this is a very important issue that needs more attention.  it might be easy for some of us to feel that we’ve made so much progress when it comes to social conditioning about body image, that maybe it doesn’t need to be talked about as much anymore. it might be easy to slip into habits of ignoring the fact that still to this day, women (and men too) are really struggling … with the idea of what beauty is supposed to look like.

i’ve been taking some time to think about all this, and to reflect on women that i’ve known and loved, who’ve suffered and lived with eating disorders… some of which overcame it and some that have not.  i’ve also been able to remind myself of the fact that i too still fight off those thoughts of feeling pressured to look like perfection.  we still are bombarded by images of what we are “supposed” to look like in magazines, movies, billboards, tv and the internet. one thing that i did for myself, years ago, is that i made a conscious choice to stop buying (or limit it a lot) fashion mags and gossip mags. that alone, for me, was really helpful.

i encourage you to take a moment to re-visit this issue, to look around at your friends, your peers and your family and see if there might be a need for you to be of help to someone who you love and care for.

please use this website as a solid resource for any advice or help:



love + hugs,
// jen //

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