[ new material ]

hello there!

so, last night was our first attempt at digging into the new material i’ve been writing. most all my new songs are written on piano and i’m feeling really inspired to push myself to do something different, try some new styles on and see if they stick.  i finally have the courage and confidence to show the world that i am a versatile singer + artist.

it goes back to the first song i ever fell in love with: “fascinating rhythm” sung by ella fitzgerald. i think i was about 10 or so, and i would just sing that song over and over again. here she is:

then there was whitney houston. yep. her first album that i ever got was her first record and i proudly displayed the album cover on my window sill in my bedroom. and, then there was jody watley, bobby brown and mc lyte.  i had to look up jody watley:

one of the many great things about being on an indie label is that artists like me actually have the freedom to create what we want. i have to remind myself that i’m really grateful for this, as it’s too easy to take it for granted sometimes.

as of right now i have about ten or more piano songs and a couple of guitar songs too. out of this batch, we’re gonna select about 4 songs to focus on. this is the plan as of right now but as you know plans can always change.



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