Babysue are too kind!

Online blog/publication Babysue really made my day with this review of my new album:

In Jen Wood’s own words this album “…is about finding the light inside the darkest places of my mind and my past.” If there are any dark places scattered around here…we can’t find them. All we hear are smooth, intelligent, resilient, smart, upbeat modern pop songs from a young woman who obviously stands out from the pack. Wood has been making music for quite some time now. She was originally one half of he 1990s duo Tattle Tale and has previously put out several releases under her own name. Jen spent several years writing and recording Finds You In Love. In many cases when artists spend great lengths of time recording an album the music actually suffers from overindulgence. This is most certainly not the case here. Jen starts with what would already be super strong songs…and them embellishes them with specific intricate arrangements that add (rather than detract) from the vocal melodies. Her vocals are subdued, focused, and genuine. After spinning this one a dozen times…we can’t find anything about this album that we don’t like. Beautiful inviting cuts include “Pills,” “You Are The Promise,” “Flight,” and “Never Doubt.” An obvious and easy TOP PICK. Highly recommended…

Thank you, Babysue!
– JW

P.S – Working on some things (ie. Sonic Boom/Seattle in-store, Seattle/Portland shows, etc.).  Stay tuned!

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